A brief history of algorithms

Mihai Șerban - Senior Software Developer @ Accesa

Studio room

9th November, 12:00-12:30

What does it mean to be a (good) developer? A craftsperson that creates state machines? An engineer that builds the cheapest software that can pass the SLA? A mathematician that teaches machines how to compute math functions? A scientist exploring the limits of what it means to compute? A good way to explore these questions is by exploring the "A brief history of algorithms" talk.

Mihai Șerban


I started my career almost ten years ago, taking a part-time job in C and C++, touching for a bit .NET platform before switching entirely to the Java ecosystem and working on R&D projects for several years. Besides Java, I had the chance to experience a lot of frameworks and technologies, from old-school ones like GWT, Sencha, and Oracle DB to the latest and greatest, including Elasticsearch, Spark, NodeJS, VueJS, React, AWS and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) platforms.
In the past few years, I have been involved in Big Data projects and Serverless computing, embracing Kotlin and Scala and working to improve my functional programming skills continuously.
I always played a role in helping colleagues reach their potential either as a trainer or by providing mentorship while constantly challenging them to expand their knowledge. This is why I am currently Java Competence Area Lead in Accesa, where we thrive on learning by innovating and innovating by learning. I am now also getting my head around blockchains and Smart Contracts.
I love any challenge that can be solved by writing code. I am looking forward to the promises offered by the IT & Com industry, keeping an eye on the unsolved problems in AGI and computer science that have the potential to make the world a better place, with the hope to play a small role in that endeavour.