Applied Machine Learning

Dragoș Cojocari - Co-Founder @ DataGrid Software

Studio room

9th November, 15:15-15:45

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ML or AI? Is it autonomous robots, deep fakes, or maybe the algorithms behind these technologies? We’ve made spectacular advances in these areas but we must not neglect simpler, more immediate applications of ML.

Companies sit on mountains of unused data while employees spend time on menial, repetitive tasks. Infusing business processes with ML-driven insights would harness the knowledge locked in the data for better business results. More importantly, this would give people the opportunity to unleash their creative potential.

This paper describes the journey from an idea to an ML-driven business process used by thousands of employees in hundreds of Metro stores. This is the result of the collaboration between Metro.Digital and DataGrid Software.

Dragoș Cojocari

DataGrid Software

Happy father, a passionate reader, and an enthusiastic developer. At IBM, then at DataGrid Software and now at Snyk, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest in UML, IoT, ML/AI, Security, DevOps, and more.

I’ve used many programming languages to build mobile, desktop, and server-side applications. And while I do have my preferences in terms of languages and application types, writing code that has an impact on the real world is what I love above all else. Well, I may make an exception for C++.

And since building software is easier and better done with the help of the community, I do love sharing my experience and learning from others.