Architecting Security

Cristian Cioloca-Savan - Technical Lead Software Engineer @ Garmin

Europa Room

9th November, 11:00-11:30

Building enough security into software solutions can be hard. But there are ways to (unnecessarily) make it even harder. On second thought, what does "enough security" actually mean? There must be a discussion on how to define it, but first, we need to find the right questions to ask - and the right audience.
We can at least start with some premises: we know that building up security is a balancing act between the business and technical sides, we also know that there is no such thing as perfect security, and that (arguably) there can be "too much" security.
This presentation is an attempt to provide some clarity around defining security requirements so that we lay out the right foundation at the onset of implementing software solutions.

Cristian Cioloca-Savan


I'm a Technical Lead Software Engineer at Garmin. Involved in taming complexity, both in engineering and in life. Eager to touch everything - both high level and low level, pluck out useful abstractions and find proper solutions that don't hurt the brain. Recently curious about the cloud and all the directions in which the world is heading.