Code Crafting Diagrams

Denis  Salanța - Head of Development @ CodeCrafters by BT

Studio room

9th November, 11:30-12:00

Crafting meaningful diagrams with the power of code.
Are you tired of having to center that little arrow head so that it doesn’t point awkward due to a change you just made to your diagram? There are ways better suited for developers that want to get to the next level in their diagram modeling skills, that also enable source control versioning, collaborative reviews, CI/CD pipeline integration and various output formats for sharing with non-developers.

Denis  Salanța

CodeCrafters by BT

Denis is a passionate developer with interests in professionalisation of the software development discipline, who also loves distributed systems that interact in a complex environment. He has been involved in leading teams delivering software products in various fields such as banking, insurance, healthcare, performance advertising. He is interested in everything related to latest in software and tech.