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How To Decode Emotions To Better Sense And Respond To Life, Universe And Everything

Smaranda Ignat - Entrepreneur, Trainer, Business consultant @

Room 32

9th November, 17:00-17:30

Emotions are data. If you are able to identify them, you can interpret them and make “data driven decisions”. What is the “code” of emotions? How can deploying this code impact your business? What is tactical empathy and what negotiation edge can this empathy provide in any professional relationship, either with your clients, or with your teams?

Smaranda Ignat

Smaranda Ignat - entrepreneur, trainer, business consultant, mentor and adviser for both traditional business organizations and tech startups. Having a background in human resources, business administration, real estate and innovation, I believe that magic comes from connecting people with opportunities, facilitating the access to clients, investors and international ecosystems for the startup teams and companies I work with. The more technology and digital transformation are touching important corners of our lives, the more important are becoming the human touch, communication and empathy.
My bet for the next decade is on human centric real estate technology, since we spend more than 90% of our lives inside a building and digital innovation makes buildings more efficient, healthier and better places to live and work. I thrive in an environment where there is a challenge to solve, a crisis to survive through and a fire to extinguish.