Evolution and challenges of modern vehicle onboard software and electronic systems

Roberto Secchi - Head of Software and Integration Platform @ Marelli

Conference hall

10th November, 10:30-11:00

The presentation will cover a brief history of onboard vehicle networks evolution (single ECU, multiple ECUs, zonal/distributed ECUs), the architecture of the future (central high-power ECU) and how Marelli is supporting this with its Software products for onboard electronics such as Full Digital Clusters, Infotainment, Intelligent Displays and e-Cockpit. The Software itself is only part of the challenge to be addressed, together with Development Techniques, Best practices, Suppliers and Collaboration.

Roberto Secchi


Roberto has a background in Aerospace Engineering and worked as an external consultant for many Automotive brands, including Ferrari Formula 1 Team, in the area of HIL and Model Based SW Development.

He has been with Marelli since 2014, starting as a SW Developer for both BSP and Application layer. He was involved in the development of ASPICE and ISO26262 qualification processes, within the Electronics Business Unit. In 2017 Roberto was appointed responsible for SW Solutions with a worldwide team, coordinating SW design activities for Telematics, Displays and Clusters. In 2019 he took over SW System Integration and SW Management as well.

To better support new product evolution in the area of the Cockpit DCU, Marelli setup a Platform Organization that is addressing new DCUs development along with new Display technologies. Roberto also took over the responsibility of SW and Integration platform to coordinate the overall SW strategy, together with the overall Infrastructure setup. This includes, for example, Cloud and CI/CD setup.