Full Stack Leadership

Diana Bocăneală - VP of Talent Experience @ 3Pillar Global

Europa Room

10th November, 15:15-15:45

For years now the leadership gurus, academia and business in general have been debating what is the difference between leadership and management and if there is any? What do we expect from a leader, is a manager a leader? What are the characteristics of a leader worthy to be followed and how much charisma plays its role in all of this, but how about execution? I am pretty sure that lots of us have heard statements such as "X is so inspirational when talking, but they suck when it’s about walking the talk". Or, "gosh this person makes shit done, but it’s so hard to connect with them".
I get my inspiration from the outside world, One day while listening to a profound conversation about what are the expectations from a full stack developer, I had this Aha moment, that is it! This might be the answer to what a great leader is. A Fullstack Leader!

Join me at ID TAYS 2022 to uncover more of what are the skills required for a Fullstack Leader.

Diana Bocăneală

3Pillar Global

Diana Bocaneala is the VP of Talent Experience at 3Pillar Global. She is responsible for creating, implementing and partnering with key business leaders to sustain a deeply integrated team member experience aligned to business strategy and vision through the key functional areas of: organizational development and programs, talent operations and team member communications.

With more than 20 years of experience, Diana’s purpose and passion is to innovate and operationalize transformational programs that have an outsized impact in the business environment by empowering people, and strengthening healthy organizational culture. Most of her experience is gained in fast growth and rapidly changing organizations. As Global Head of Programs and Change at Endava, Diana led the global effort for leadership structure change, led the integration of multiple acquisitions and revamped all talent processes, including the implementation of HRIS and ATS. Diana’s professional career also includes academic and other leadership roles that involve change, innovation and growth.

Diana has a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from State University of Moldova and a masters degree in European Social Policies from Merseburg University of Applied Science, Germany.