Linux device drivers for newbies

Rareș Pop - Technical Lead @ Garmin

Europa Room

9th November, 14:45-15:15

Device drivers take on a specific role in the Linux kernel. They are distinct ‘black boxes’ that make a particular piece of hardware respond to a well-defined internal programming interface, hiding the details of how the device works. This presentation is about understanding the anatomy of a driver and the first steps into creating one for the Linux operating system. Why Linux? There are many good reasons and we’ll discuss about them during the presentation.

Rareș Pop


A tech aficionado with a huge passion for open source, having the chance to cross paths with Linux starting in ’97 and loving it ever since. I started my professional life coding in C++ and that quickly became the language of my heart. Until now, at work, I faced different levels of the stack, ranging from driver development to cloud applications, and these days I’m sharpening my cloud skills at Garmin, as a Technical Lead.