Measuring air quality with autonomous drones

Dan Tudose - Associate Professor @ Politehnica of Bucharest

Europa room

9th November, 16:00-16:30

During the last few years, scientists have become increasingly concerned about air quality. Particularly in large cities and industrialised areas, air quality is affected by pollution from natural and anthropogenic sources and this has a significant impact on human health. Continuous monitoring of air quality is an important step in investigating the causes and reducing pollution. We propose a new autonomous multi-rotor aerial platform that can be used to perform real-time monitoring of air quality in large cities. The air quality monitoring system is able to cover large areas, with high spatial resolution, even above average buildings, while being relatively low cost. We evaluate the proposed system in several locations throughout a metropolitan city, during different seasons and generate fine-grained heat-maps that display the level of pollution of specific areas based on different altitudes.

Dan Tudose

Politehnica of Bucharest

Dan Tudose is an associate professor and researcher at the Computer Science Department of University Politehnica in Bucharest. He has a PhD in computer science, specialising in the Internet of Things, pervasive computing and energy harvesting. As a scientific researcher, Dan is leading the research activity of the Embedded Systems Laboratory and has over fifteen years of experience as a researcher in national and international projects sponsored by the European Union related to the development of the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks. Dan is also a driven entrepreneur, having founded several start-ups in the IoT and wearable space, the last of which was acquired by Fitbit, which is now part of Google.