Software Architecture

Multi-cloud Software Architecture and Design

Christoph Bussler - Chief Cloud Architect @ Bosch

Conference hall

10th November, 15:45-16:45

A multi-cloud software architecture is a necessity when the same application must be available in several public cloud platforms. A multi-cloud architecture requires a software design that is a balance between using cloud specific services for efficiency/scalability and using cloud-agnostic services/components for implementation, operations, and maintenance effectiveness. This presentation provides a definition of the term multi-cloud software architecture, discusses the spectrum between a complete cloud proprietary design and a complete cloud-agnostic design, and introduces examples of design decisions along the spectrum highlighting more nuanced architecture approaches.

Christoph Bussler


Chris was always fascinated by systems and data integration between on-premises systems, private/public clouds, and hybrid data architectures. In this current role as Chief Cloud Architect at Robert Bosch LLC in California he develops a multi-cloud platform for executing and managing the complete ingress to egress development loop for autonomous vehicle software development.

Earlier in his career, Chris worked for Google Cloud, Oracle Corporation as well as several startups on distributed and global databases, platform-as-a-service systems, and distributed systems integration. He contributed scientifically to Semantic Web technologies and standards, Enterprise Application System Integration (EAI), Business-to-Business Integration (B2B) as well as Workflow Management. In addition to implementing these technologies, he wrote several books on these topics and published extensively. For more professional background information, please visit www.real-programmer.com).