Personal Security in a Post-Pandemic Age

Tudor Damian - Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP, Certified Ethical Hacker @

Europa Room

9th November, 10:30-11:00

Two years of global pandemic have brought along significant changes for people everywhere - starting with more flexible Remote Work policies and the challenges those policies bring along, all the way to new or emerging attack methods, techniques, and tools. Nation-state actors are more prevalent, and with global-scale conflicts slowly moving into the cyberspace field as well, misinformation is everywhere. The line between personal and business use of devices also gets consistently blurrier, with people connecting to business assets from the comfort of their home or local coffee shop wifi. During these new "post-pandemic normal" times, protecting your sanity, your personal data, as well as your mobile/IoT devices is more important than ever. Come check out this session if you want to find out more about recent cybersecurity trends & known attacks, as well as methods of protecting yourself and the people around you.

Tudor Damian

As an IT consultant with more than 15 years of experience in managing complex IT infrastructures, Tudor is a Certified Ethical Hacker, a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, and a regular speaker at local and regional community events. He is also one of the founders and organizers of the ITCamp conference in Romania (itcamp.ro). bringing together tens of awesome speakers with hundreds of attendees every year. Tudor often talks about the latest technologies and trends, with themes including cloud strategy & governance, digital transformation, cybersecurity, business process optimization, IT risk management & compliance.