Responding to change: dilemmas, voids, dilemmantors and hope.

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9th November, 17:30-18:00

New plans, strategies, growth, market evolution, competition, and many others increase the complexity of the business during the process of growth. In this changing environment, in almost every company, fractures appear in the organizational structure, like: unclear interdepartmental areas, broken flows between departments, missing accountability, unknown responsibilities, unmapped functions, uncovered needs and many others. They are frequently accompanied by decisional dilemmas, that after some time, turn these organizational gaps into voids. Those who maintain these voids are the dillemantors (you won't find this word in the dictionary or wiki). The chances of managing this dynamic context, however grow through a clear vision, a set of specific actions, willingness to adapt and leadership support.

Iustinian Șovrea

Iustinian has an extended experience in leading organizations and projects in the software industry. During the last 20 years, Iustinian was involved in different fields such as research, diplomacy, community building, and IT, gaining a broad and valuable interdisciplinary experience. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, business growth, digitalization, and innovation. Besides his business projects he is in charge of the Romanian PMI (Project Management Institute) community in Cluj-Napoca. Iustinian holds a PhD in Philosophy in Romania and Germany, and he was awarded with the Certificate of Management Excellence from Harvard Business School.