The Path to Becoming a Guiding Light – Informal Leadership

Silviu-Constantin Anton - Senior Software Developer @ Micro Focus

Room 32

9th November, 15:15-15:45

The success of a team, in its journey to affirmation and outstanding results, depends a great deal on people. One way to boost your team’s performance and also support individual growth is to identify and empower informal leadership talents. This way you would add value to your organization and, at the same time, lay a path for your informal leaders toward the next level. The presentation will guide you both as a manager who strives to reap the benefits of having informal leaders in your team, and also as a team member who aspires to become an inspiration for others.

Silviu-Constantin Anton

Micro Focus

Silviu is a Senior Software Developer at Micro Focus, in the Customer Facing R&D team. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, and is now pursuing a master's degree in Advanced Management. He thrives on learning new concepts, sharing the knowledge he's gained, and helping others. Silviu now focuses on modern full-stack technologies, clean software architecture, and various leadership-related topics, including informal leadership.