Applied Tech

The Renaissance of Railways

Ákos Székely - Delivery Manager @ Accenture

Europa Room

10th November, 11:00-11:30

Railways played an important role in the history of mankind increasing the mobility of people and goods, thus contributing to development in many parts of the world. In the past decades, thanks to modern technology, railway experienced a renaissance and the best part is still ahead us. In today’s globalized world, mobility of people and goods stands at the base of our well-being. We need, more than ever, a sustainable way to organize transportation. Railways is playing a crucial part being efficient and sustainable at the same time. We need to be very mindful with our resources and the way we consume energy, digitalization therefore is the answer to find the optimal solutions and to reduce energy waste. Join me and have a glimpse on how digital solutions optimize rail traffic management, ensuring an optimal usage of the rail infrastructure and high passenger satisfaction.

Ákos Székely


In my 12 years at Accenture I’ve worked in many different roles but the railway industry was always part of my life. I’m motivated by complex challenges and happily contribute to digitizing our industry for a better and sustainable future.
At Accenture Industry X we create, drive and contribute to the next industrial revolution. I’m an engineer with a passion for people, therefore I believe that people are at the center of what we build. I’m part of a wonderful team of almost 200 people, where together with our clients we build digital rail solution, improving the mobility of people and goods in a sustainable way.
The railway industry is experiencing a renaissance and will be in focus in the upcoming decades, I’m happy to be part of this exciting journey.