Software Architecture

The Sausage, the Politician and the Neural Net

Cornel Ștefanache - CTO @ AscentCore

Europa Room

10th November, 10:30-11:00

When coming up with solutions or answers to questions, humans are following a succession of connected thoughts, a path of reasoning that is unique for each individual. This train of thought is different from one individual to another and is based on the personal reality and experiences that the individual has lived. The talk shows how this train of thoughts can be defined and modeled for each individual or context. Based on past conversations and the use of different shapes of ideas and token stimulus alongside neural nets, we can classify responses, reason questions and come up with full sentences. The presentation takes a deep dive into the process of creating this shape of ideas and the different interpretations of each individual on the same topic.

Cornel Ștefanache


Cornel Stefanache, AscentCore's CTO, is on a mission to help augment customer businesses using AI, cyber security, privacy and visualization through tailored technical solutions. His experience and deep knowledge allow him to be well aware of the trade-offs between reliability, flexibility, performance and ease of implementation, and easily identify potential growth that can be achieved with technical solutions. Within the company, he is also the Lead researcher of AC Labs, a research department that focuses on coming up with creative and innovative solutions to accommodate customer needs and giving back to the community through open-source principles.