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To change … or not to be

Valentin Deac - CEO @ jpard Solutions

Conference hall

9th November, 12:00-12:30

Many inspirational speakers and coaches are embracing the topic of CHANGE because it is a “cool” and revenue-generating concept these days: it sells books, fills every chair of a conference room etc. We keep hearing inspirational quotes and are told every day that we should leave our comfort zone and embrace change but, still, statistics are proving that change is a frightening word for most of the people. A medical study in US showed that in a pool of seriously ill heart patients who were told by their doctors that they will die if they are not changing the way they leave, only 1 in 7 were able to follow their advices! However, regardless if we are willing to accept it or not, change is everywhere, it is in us and in everything that we do.

Are you familiar with the evolution of the Romanian IT industry and want to see if it still “hot” and how to keep it so? Is your company on a good trend and you do not understand why is it still planning to undergo a transformation? As a leader, do you seeks to reap the benefits of establishing a positive culture of change in your organization while avoiding the pitfalls of a change fatigue? Are you a professional who seeks personal development and would like to see how and when to change? This presentation has a little bit for everyone.

The speaker draws on his wide experience in the IT domain and his findings while working in Romania and abroad to discuss about the need of change on three different levels: the Romanian IT Industry, a company and an individual person. Centered around concrete examples and providing advices in an entertaining and practical way, the presentation is expected to be a reflection and an eye-opener, no matter if you are a newbie or a professional.

Valentin Deac

jpard Solutions

Valentin Deac is a highly motivated and dynamic professional with 26 years in the IT&C industry, out of which 21 years in various management or director positions in multinationals, and 6 years of academic level teaching experience.

Valentin worked at Nokia for 16 years, his last position in Romania being Executive Director of Nokia Romania until the end of 2010. Between January 2011 and January 2019, he worked in Berlin (Germany) on various Senior Director positions at Nokia and later at HERE Technologies (the world leader in location-based services), running in time Delivery and PMO groups and, at the end, being in charge on global level with the operations, hosting and support of the majority of HERE Location Platform services. After his return to Romania, Valentin worked for 3 years and a half at NTT DATA Romania, part of NTT Group, one of the top 10 System Integrators worldwide where he was the Head of the Delivery organization and later the Director of the Romanian High Performance Center.

Since October this year, Valentin took over the CEO position at jpard Solutions, a full stack enterprise commerce solutions provider, in a mission to deliver great and to lift its clients’ businesses for the opportunities of digitalization.

Valentin is a passionate public speaker and has been invited in the last 15 years as key presenter to several conferences and events in Romania and abroad.