UXD + DEVS = Friends (?)

Anamaria Androne - Lead UI/UX @ Codecrafters by BT

Studio room

10th November, 15:45-16:15

Software development is a complex field that requires expertise from a cross-functional team. But more often than not, working together can be difficult. We might struggle in having a healthy collaboration, especially with those within our own team that possesses a different set of skills, working language, and training background. Sometimes it just feels like we speak a different language altogether, which can affect the overall success of a product. I talked to several developers and designers to better understand the most common problems from both perspectives. As a result, I want to present a series of strategies and tools that might just make us best friends.

Anamaria Androne

Codecrafters by BT

I am currently the lead of the UI/UX team at BT Code Crafters, with the mission of creating a great user experience for our banking product. I would describe myself as a creative empath. My career spanned multiple disciplines (architecture, graphic design, and UXD), all of which helped me have a better understanding of people and processes, and grow my creative muscles.