Voice controlled websites - A new way to use the web

Rareş-Valer Coantă - Full-stack developer @ CodeCrafters by BT

Studio room

9th November, 17:30-18:00

Today, in the age of technology and screens, as much as 8% to 10% of the population suffers from a mild or worse form of visual impairment, numbers that rise each day, hampering the independence and the life of those affected. As websites increase in size and complexity, this problem limits their usability to the point that some, if not most, become utterly impractical, rendering all the hard work invested into them futile for a percentage of the population. To address this, we'll look at a couple of architectural decisions that could overcome this challenge, ranging from small quality of life improvements that would facilitate a better screen reader integration to an altogether new standalone design pattern that has the potential of allowing for voice driven website usage.

Rareş-Valer Coantă

CodeCrafters by BT

Hello! I am Rares, a full-stack developer who graduated with a computer science degree and who likes to involve himself in as many things as possible. Voice controlled applications are one of my interests and today, as a proud Code Crafter, I'll share a bit about them with you! Don't forget to Apply Uncommon Thinking!