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Welcome to ITDays 2032!

Ciprian Sorlea - CTO @ Nordlogic Software

Conference hall

9th November, 11:30-12:00

You’re not reading that wrong. You’re about to embark on the IT Days 2032 Edition. Yup, 10 years from now.
While celebrating the 10th edition of IT Days gives us the opportunity to look back at where we were when IT Days met the Cluj tech community for the first time, it also gives us the opportunity to look forward to its 20st anniversary. We can imagine how its agenda would look like, what hot topics of our tech community would be brought on stage and how some of our speakers might inspire us. We can dream about what today might look like fiction, but in 10 years time it will be just our day to day work (and maybe science).

Ciprian Sorlea

Nordlogic Software

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products.

As an employee, consultant and business owner I had the great opportunity to work with and for companies ranging from Startups to Enterprises. and build products used by most of the Fortune 100 companies. For over 20 years I wrote software, I recruited/ coached and managed several hundreds talented engineers, designers and managers, and I brought tens of products to life. And I loved (almost) every bit of this.

Currently I am driving the Technology & Product Development strategy at Nordlogic Software, as its CTO.