What Does Serverless Really Mean, and What It Can Do for You

Wojciech Gawroński - Senior Developer Advocate @ Amazon

Conference hall

9th November, 09:00-10:00

Everyone is talking about serverless these days - they say: “Your apps should be Serverless”. But what is serverless exactly? Only Web sites? Is it a silver bullet for every use case? Let’s see what serverless means, how you can use it to implement different ideas and projects, and what benefits it brings to the table.

Wojciech Gawroński


Wojtek is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS dedicated for Central and Eastern European region. Working with Cloud Computing and Data Engineering since 2015 - in different roles: starting from IT Operations Engineer, Software Engineer and Cloud Architect. Functional programming and Serverless architecture aficionado.

9 x Certified AWS Specialist. Speaker, lecturer, and content creator.