What technical people would like their non-technical managers to know - but usually won’t say

Oana Burz - Delivery Manager @ Zenitech

Europa Room

9th November, 14:45-15:15

Join me in this journey if you want to better understand the concepts and the mindset of the developers so that you can better bridge the gap and get rid of the intruder’s syndrome. I will walk you through some basic technical concepts that are worth knowing, how they link together and why are they so important to grasp. The presentation will target non-technical managers that have to deal with technical people.

Oana Burz


Working in IT since the summer break of my first year at the computer science university (11 years ago), I’ve started as a QA, then made the transition to development, tech lead, PM, proxy PO and now DM, or as some would call it, organic growth. I usually like to get myself into diverse situations so that I have a better understanding of different mindsets/environments and also of myself, looking through the lens of different people. Even though I’m a disciplined person and I like to have a structure in my life and in what I do, I am a strong believer that by knowing deeply how things work and are interconnected, we can use our own minds to shape our life and environments and become independent, instead of following the status quo or rules/habits that we don’t understand or adhere to. In my spare time, I enjoy doing sports, traveling, reading and writing.