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Collaborative Intelligence: Human and AI Symbiosis

Stelian Brad - Professor @ Technical University of Cluj

Conference hall

9th November, 11:00-11:30

AI systems are not yet capable to make ethical, moral, and empathic unsupervised decisions. Recently designed ultra-large AI models have been trained and used in creative artistic activities or "intelligent" dialogue, but this is far away from inventive problem solving, where creativity brings real value when it finds compromise-free solutions to a problem. There are various harmful factors that limit the use of AI systems in decision-making without expert persons in the loop. This presentation highlights new values of collaboration between AI systems and experts and indicates that intelligent cyber-systems shall not be seen as replacers, but rather enhancers of experts. An illustrative example is introduced in this respect. Insights about the state of evolution of AI systems relative to "ideality" are also disclosed, as well as indications about the proper mutations on the AI system's DNA to evolve to superior levels.

Stelian Brad

Technical University of Cluj

Currently, a full professor in intelligent robotics and innovation management at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Stelian Brad comes up with a complex background of about 22 years in the software industry, as CEO, product or project manager, innovation manager, entrepreneur, and mentor. Stelian holds a Ph.D. in robotics and a Ph.D. in economics. Till now, he had the chance to lead or to be involved in 150+ research and innovation projects, as well as many institutional development initiatives. Stelian Brad is president of the Cluj IT cluster and coordinator of the European Digital Innovation Hub DIH4Society. He teaches artificial intelligence, and programming languages with applications in robotics, social and cognitive robotics, and innovation engineering. His research focus is on artificial intelligence for creative engineering and robotics, autonomous mobile robots, industry 4.0, and various dimensions of digital innovation.